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I honestly don’t even mind that we’re getting it after Europe but the fact is is that L5 hasn’t mentioned the game AT ALL ever since the initial English trailer was released and it’s almost like they’ve totally forgot that the US was a thing

Naw iirc they tweeted it was on the way recently.

I posted something to this effect on Twitter too but it’s IMPORTANT..

So last night I finished Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, and I know there are those who worry that they wouldn’t enjoy it without prior knowledge of both franchises, which is fortunately not a worry at all! I loved the game to pieces, and being familiar with both series’ I can say with certainty..

You do not need to be familiar with either franchise to seriously enjoy this game. Ace Attorney fans will love it, Professor Layton fans will love it, even if you aren’t familiar with the other it takes the best and most faithful parts of each franchise and meshes them in such a way that it could easily be called “an Ace Attorney game” AND “a Professor Layton game” at the same time. It’s also free of spoilers for both franchises, and filled with references that fans will get anyway!

If I had to rank this game among other games of those franchises, I’d say it ranks above the Layton prequel trilogy, and as an Ace Attorney game has far better and more faithful writing than the most recent entries to the AA series, those fans who felt like AAI and AA5 were off will feel right at home here, and those who loved those will love this even more.

It’s a long ass game but don’t give up, because the ending is FANTASTIC and it’s probably the saddest and most emotional game from either franchise (or a strong contender). It’s easily the best plot-focused crossover game I’ve ever played, I can’t recommend it enough and I hope all ya’ll pick it up when it comes out in US!